About Us

What used to be Lane End Nursery closed in 2012 after 19 years and the process of turning a one acre site covered in polytunnels, greenhouses and sand beds where plants had been grown and displayed into a beautiful garden began. Having agreed that the garden would be open in time to host the Art in the Garden exhibition in June 2013, the whole site became an extreme version of ground force as the staff battled against time to create a garden from nothing!

Lane End Cottage Gardens is constantly changing, with new elements of the garden being added each year, along with ever growing numbers of courses and events.

Our Head Gardener: Imogen

After running a plant nursery for 17 years and designing gardens for most of that time, Imogen knows plants and she knows gardens. Since 2012 she has created a beautiful garden oasis in the heart of Cheshire from where she offers a variety of courses to share her garden know-how!